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Our Compliance Mission

We would be delighted to support your journey in gaming and gambling, while keeping your business on the safe side of the law and regulations.


According to Malcom Gladwell, one becomes an expert when having spent more than 10000 hours working hard in a field before mastering it. We have done it in Compliance field and would like to share it with you, so that you can focus on your core priorities: running your products and services,  increasing margins, while providing fun to your players.


We already implement AI principles – solving any new mystery of innovative challenges, that based on data analytics and experience, enables us to choose the optimal path that is unique to your business, and your success.


Welcome to our world of OMNI compliance! We will support you to successfully set up the compliance framework including ISMS, in a transparent and a cost-efficient manner; to be predictive in fulfilling regulatory commitments, through traceability for audits & regulatory returns. This anticipates implementing the regulations by design into the products and services, completing the certifications against a regulatory superset across all applicable markets, while providing data privacy in secure and safe environments.


We hope this is the beginning of our long-term collaboration based on mutual trust and joy.


About Us

Tanya Sevo

Tanya Sevo is enthusiastic for the new opportunities with an outstanding reputation for co-ordinating and delivering complex compliance projects in challenging circumstances within allocated budgets and resources.


With over 17 years in Gaming industry, Tanya has got an outstanding regulatory knowledge, expertise in Data Protection & Privacy, InfoSec standards, Fraud & AML prevention.


She is recognised among Regulators, Legal Advisers, Testing Labs and Industry Operators on international level including jurisdictions such as UK, Malta, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Alderney and USA.

Tanya is a certified international lead auditor for security management standard ISO 27001, internal security assessor for international payment card industry compliance PCI DSS; lead auditor for international quality management ISO 9001 and certified FAST manager in UK.

Over the years she has been awarded for building excellence in her previous roles at IGT, GTECH, Spielo G2 group as a highly motivated professional achiever. 

Tanya is active member of ICA, IAGR, GREF and among other organisation she cooperates with RGA, RGT and GambleAware. 

More recently, Tanya has been focused on

  • OMNI Compliance approach

  • Due diligence on newly regulated markets

  • Compliance analysis and specifications for AI tools for social responsibility and responsible gaming

  • Raising standards for consumers protection 


Tanya holds a PhD in Digital Telecommunications. 

Milan Vitorovic

Milan Vitorovic is a serial Solutionist, a senior technology Marketect and a proven innovation Imagineer with over 20 years of experience in the gaming, betting and lottery industry, across geographies and both retail and digital sectors. Milan’s understanding of the industry and the technology, coupled with his drive towards pragmatic, innovative and sustainable solutions, positions him uniquely to all: operators in the industry, suppliers to the industry and investors in any segment of it. More recent ventures had Milan pioneering introduction of data products and data science applications into the industry.


On the side of technology supplier to the industry, Milan partners with VPs/executives in Marketing, Technology and Sales in order to deliver best fit solution to the specifics of betting or gaming Operator or a particular market. Milan is also working closely with Operator’s executives for Technology, Operations and Finance/Audit to ensure business needs are met and to help driving the business forward with experiences yielded from the industry.


Milan delivered solutions to a range of international markets including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, Singapore, Chile, Australia and US. The name of the industry is the same, but, as always, it is the details and the specifics that make the difference. With the experience and expertise Milan’s knows what truly makes a solution fit for purpose in the particular segment.


With years and width of expertise and experience Milan is also bringing value to the investors by performing products and technology analysis and due diligence of parties in the industry’s value chain.


Milan holds MSc degree in Computer Science.

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